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Our Philosophy

Dentistry is one of those necessary evils. We all try our best to avoid the need for it but inevitably there comes a time where it is an absolute must!

We offer all the different types of dentistry that a family needs but put much emphasis on prevention and communication. Prevention is better than cure and communication is the key to informed decision making and a successful relationship.

Modern healthcare stresses the need to present all findings to the patient, to explain the different types of treatment and costs, and then letting you be the driving force to how treatment should be carried out. After all it is your mouth and not ours! If anyone should know it should be you!

We inform and guide you to the most suitable treatment plan specifically for you, carried out the way that you want, when you want it.

We take pride in the quality of services we offer, and want to make your visits as pleasant as possible. We aim to provide dental care for you and your family in the most friendly, comfortable and empathetic environment possible.

Hence it is so important to have a genuine trust and faith in your dental surgeon, to have confidence in them to look after your best interest at heart. We give you this peace of mind.

Let us look after you and your family.

Opening Times
Mon - 08.00am 17.00pm
Tue - 08.00am 17.00pm
Wed - 08.00am 17.00pm
Thu - 08.00am 17.00pm
Fri - 08.00am 17.00pm
Private appointments if required
Tue - 17.00pm 19.00pm
Wed - 17.00pm 19.00pm

All Smiles Dental Care
12-13 Barnsdale Drive, Westcroft,
Milton Keynes, MK4 4DD
T (01908) 505 984
Email: info@allsmilesdentalcare.co.uk

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