An educated population, constantly exposed to healthcare programmes, and a mouse click away from the latest and greatest cosmetic options means a very knowledgeable patient base. 

People are using cosmetic dentistry in similar ways to cosmetic surgery, to improve their overall appearance and self-confidence.

If you’ve ever thought your teeth are unattractive, it may be time to explore cosmetic dentistry. 

It may be a discoloured, or damaged, or slightly rotated or a missing tooth that has plagued your thoughts for years. Our range of cosmetic options available may offer the opportunity to discuss what you would like to change about your appearance.

Most cosmetic work involves replacing black metal fillings with white tooth coloured materials, veneers to straighten, whiten and brighten your smile, ceramic crowns to protect and reshape whole teeth or bridges to close unsightly tooth gaps.

Sometimes this may involve liaising with specialists for a combination of advanced restorative work involving implants.

Fortunately, we are up to the task.

We offer full cosmetic consultations with an in-depth discussion of your every need and how to achieve it. Our clinicians have the experience and the range of techniques to guide you to that smile you’ve always wanted.