We are a family orientated practice putting much emphasis on the dental wellbeing of patients of all ages. Whether its mum and dad, or the children, or even the grandparents, we have the range of dental services to meet the needs of every individual member of the family. 

One of our first and foremost focus is on prevention. We as clinicians cannot perform our responsibility better than to advocate preventative advice and counselling at every opportunity. Establishing good dental habits at an early age has lifelong benefits. 

We see a high proportion of children and incorporate a child-friendly approach to education, behaviour change and treatment delivery. Learning about oral health early is important for achieving a healthy smile. 

We believe most dental diseases can quite simply be avoided. We aim to assure our patients a lifetime without dental decay and gum disease, a lifetime with a mouth full of teeth, and a lifetime without the dreaded drill!

Our staff are kind, caring, gentle and compassionate. We try to present a calm, comfortable atmosphere in our waiting rooms and surgeries. Access for the elderly is supported well by our single ground floor with wide corridors and doors.

Some of us have extensive experience in the field of community dentistry; looking after phobic patients, those with special needs and the elderly. In these cases, there is great need for patience, understanding, good listening and careful treatment planning skills. 

It is very easy to forget the person the mouth is attached to. Whatever the individual needs of each member of your family, we will make sure that they receive the highest quality care possible.