Allsmiles Dentalcare is a mixed NHS, Private and Denplan practice. We offer 3 options of 'registration' for our patients making sure there is an option to suit everyone..


NHS dentistry is a great but simple and cost-effective scheme. It covers the bulk of all general dental needs. NHS uses a simple charging system that is easy to understand and anticipate.  Where patients make choices beyond the scope of NHS, private options are then offered separately and transparently.


Next we provide a Private registration scheme. Private dentistry removes the shackles of NHS constraints giving patients the options for the latest cosmetic treatment options. Cosmetic 'white' fillings or porcelain molar crowns or ambitious bridges, your informed choice is the only limitation. Private treatments have protected time slots for quick access and evening sessions to avoid taking time off busy from busy work schedules.


And finally, we have Denplan Care. A very popular choice, Denplan cares for all your general dental needs with a monthly payment system ensuring there are no unwanted surprises at your regular check-ups. It is a great option for patients who want the flexibility of a private scheme, with treatment options outside of the NHS system but with a manageable, affordable, and cost-efficient budgeting scheme.

Your dentist will discuss all the different options with you at your initial consultation and recommend the scheme most suitable for you.